Anti-Dragon Spells to be used Against Blue Dragon Osrs

Anti-Dragon Spells to be used Against Blue Dragon Osrs

There are several diverse species of Dragonoid, like the powerful Blue Dragon, the gentle yet vicious Green Dragon, the magical Green Monster and the deadly Black Dragon. The three numerous species write about many common traits, which includes strong defenses and resistance against most varieties of damage, however they still have substantive differences. A few of these differences will be detailed beneath.

Like most dragons, the green dragon osrs are cold blooded, meaning that their body system does not incorporate any heat which helps to fuel it. This is why they cannot feel chilly unlike firebreathing ones. Also, they are the second the most fragile of all of the chromatic dragon species but are still quite powerful magic-class creatures.

Not like other chromatics, the blue dragons are incapable of wearing total plate armor. They rely on shields and clothes because means of protection, much just like go now just how modern shields function today. They primarily attack using either all their long-range magic or melee attack if the player is certainly nearby, nevertheless they can utilize their breath of air to deal relatively increased damage. They are also quite adept at dragonfire, if you want to get reduce some pesky dragons, or maybe defend your self from their might, make sure to players an anti-dragons prayer just before engaging these people in fight.

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